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Matrix Model & Relapse Prevention (RP)

Q. What is the Matrix Model?

A. The Matrix Model is an integrative and comprehensive treatment model used to address substance use behaviors and their impact on a person’s physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. It’s combination of proven, evidence-based interventions are used in a collaborative way between client and therapist.

Matrix Model incororates group therapy, family education, relapse prevention planning, and community support group participaton.

Q. What is Relapse Prevention?

A. Relapse Prevention is a skills-based, cognitive-behavioral approach that requires clients and their clinicians to identify situations that place the person at greater risk for relapse – both internal experiences (i.e., positive thoughts related to substance use or negative thoughts related to sobriety that arise without effort, called “automatic thoughts”) and external cues (i.e., people that the person associates with substance use).

After creating a Relapse Prevention Plan, the client and clinician work to develop strategies, including cognitive (related to thinking) and behavioral (related to action), to address those specific high-risk situations. With more effective coping, the client develops increased confidence to handle challenging situations without alcohol and other substances (i.e., increased self-efficacy).

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