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Can I Use My Insurance?

SagePoint Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Yes! We accept most commercial insurance plans. We also accept most PPO plans, as well as Private-Pay.


For anyone who is interested in treatment, we will verify your insurance and provide you with an explanation of your benefits. By verifying your benefits  we can get an approximate idea of what your insurance will cover and what your out-of-pocket cost may be.

We can collect insurance information over the phone or through a secure system in our website. Our staff will contact your insurance company to verify coverage and we will then inform you of your coverage and any financial responsibility you may have for our treatment services.

Please note that “verification” is not an authorization for use of benefits. 


Authorization is a decision by your health insurer or plan based on services being medically necessary.

If someone contacts us but is not able to attend our treatment program, regardless of the reason, we have a list of resources that will help us point you in the right direction based on your current situation. SagePoint IOP places a significant emphasis on attempting to provide all calls with additional resources that may help them in their journey to treatment and recovery. We also work with a medical lending company for those who qualify for their assistance.


Payments and/or co-payments are due on the date of service at SagePoint IOP.

Medicare and Medi-Cal

SagePoint IOP does not accept Medicare or Medi-Cal.


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