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Are you a mental health professional?


Do you want to improve your skills in working with Substance Use Disorders (SUDs)?

Did you know that 50% of clients coming in with a mental health disorder also have a co-occurring substance use disorder?

We offer cutting edge, evidence-based online training in substance use disorders and addictions. Whether you want additional training in Understanding, Assessing, Diagnosing, or Treating SUDS, we provide all the latest information to boost your confidence and increase your tool box!

Check out our courses below and get started today!

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Course 1: Understanding, Assessing, and

Diagnosing  Substance Use Disorders

What you will learn:

  • Theories of Addiction                                                                                                           

  • Addiction Brain Science                                                                                                       

  • The Relationship Between Trauma and Addiction

  • Effective Screening & Assessment Strategies                                

  • DSM-5 Diagnosis of Substance Use Disorders

Course 2: Treatment Strategies and Sustainable Recovery for Substance Use Disorders

What you will learn:

  • Evidence-Based Treatment Strategies

  • How to Create Effective Relapse Prevention Plans

  • Sustainable Recovery Strategies

  • Selecting Levels of Care in SUD Treatment Continuum     

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